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SAMERAH 4 in 1 BACK PAIN AYURVEDIC KIT helpful in the management of Slipped disc, lower back pain, numbness or tingling in shoulders, back, arms, hands, legs or feet, neck pain, muscle weakness and muscle spasm. It also supports in the conditions of disc bulges between L1-L2, L2-L3, L3-L4, L4-L5, L5-S1, S1-S2, S2-S3.

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Product Info

• It is prepared from ayurvedic medicines.
• This kit will give you results gradually.
• You will start getting results after 15 days of starting the kit.
• 90 days course to be completed

Key Features

• Highly effective, Potent and Clinically Proven
• Can be used along with Allopathic Medicines
• Made from best ayurvedic ingredients
• Ayurvedic & Natural, No chemicals
• Use for all adult male and female
• ISO 9001:2015 & GMP Certified
• No side effects

Medicine To be Consumed

There are 4 types of medicines to be consumed in this kit-
Capsules A, B, C, and D. Also an oil for massage has been given.
Method of intake –
Capsule A and Capsule B - 1-1 capsule from both in the morning after breakfast.
Capsule C and Capsule D - both 1-1 after meals at night.
4 IN 1 Pain Relief Oil - Gently massage the required quantity of oil in the affected area and foment.


Don't consume sour, curd, cauliflower, brinjal, beans, colocasia, jackfruit, okra, cold food/drinks, chickpeas, kidney beans, urad etc. Eat light, easily digestible greasy, hot, fresh food.


CAPSULE A- Ingredients: Each hard gelatin capsule contains Rasna 100mg, Ashwagandha 100mg, Bala 100mg, Nirgundi 100mg,Shilajit ext 50mg, Triphala 50mg.
CAPSULE B- Ingredients: Each hard gelatin capsule contains Shallaki 300 mg, Nirgundi 100mg, Shunthi 50mg, Devdaru 50mg
CAPSULE C- Ingredients: Each hard gelatin capsule contains Dashmoola 200mg, Punarnava 100mg, Gokshura 100mg, Haritaki 50mg, Vibhitaki 25mg, Amalaki 25mg
CAPSULE D- Ingredients: Each hard gelatin capsule contains Harsingar 200mg, Giloy 100mg, Laksha 100mg, Vidarikand 50mg, Trikatu 50mg
All in One Pain Relieving Oil Ingredients : Each bottle contains
Eranda, Arkapatra, Devadaru, Nirgundi , Dashmoola, manjishtha, Haridra and Sahachara siddha murchhita Katu Tail Q.S. to 100%.

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